Hi, I’m Jessica of The Redline. I love looking at language in a structural way. Sentence structure is surprisingly mathematical, which I love. I also enjoy seeing and making connections in the world around me and sharing those perspectives with others in an understandable way. 

My first college paper was a personal narrative about the complexities of growing my bangs out. I loved finding all the ways my story could be more clear and concise by moving paragraphs around and connecting different ideas; that’s when I decided I wanted to be an editor. I also enjoy the detail-oriented nature of editing grammar. In college, I actually enjoyed perusing my Chicago Manual of Style 15th edition. I recently, purchased the 17th ed. and enjoy it just as much as I did then! 

Since graduating from college with a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Minor in editing, I have really enjoyed getting to know people through their writing. I’ve advised students with their high school and college papers, projects, resumes, as well as their application essays for college and scholarships. I love cheering with them when they get accepted to their top college and are awarded their scholarships. I’ve also enjoy helping writers find their voice and get it on paper to move forward with their dreams, share what they’ve learned with others, and make the world a better place.

My newest endeavor is creating a high school writing curriculum and teaching homeschool classes. As an added bonus, I have the opportunity to mentor students one-on-one, meeting them where they’re at in their learning journey, helping them to meet their own goals, and realize their potential. I hope you enjoy my creations that will be found here on The Redline.

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